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Hampton Water Rosé  

The Swiss Army Knife of Rosés.

FRANCE | 750mL | My 'house wine' when company's calling. Filled with rosewater, spice, currant and mineral notes, this wine amplifies any food pairings you might have. Case worthy for backyard patio season!


France Collection

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WTF Are Biodynamic Wines?

The Buzz on Biodynamic Wines

WTF is Biodynamic wine anyway?! It’s kind of like a supercharged version of organic wine. You know how organic produce is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals? Biodynamic wine takes this idea one step further by following holistic farming practices.

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Kate's Perfect Pour

"While Monmousseau is without question one of the most well known and famous producer in the Loire Valley, it is typically known for its sparkling wines. I love the history of this winery dating back to 1886 with 15 kms of underground tunnels."

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