Last Minute Gift Ideas For All Budgets


Finish your last minute shopping with these perfect celebratory ideas!


$15 Budget - Fred Vin-Wheels Drink Markers

Spinning miniature pinwheels clip onto the side of almost any glass or mug. Each set of six is made of sturdy PP plastic in bright, easy-to-identify colours.



$20 Budget - Who's Counting?! Blocks

Claim your victories and pursue your goals with these organized beechwood blocks. Keep tabs on showering, wearing pants, day drinking, and leaving the house.



$30 Budget - Final Touch Crystal Coupe Glasses

Traditionally used for Champagne, these glasses have become a trendy choice for serving cocktails. This durable set of two is Titanium reinforced, which helps to resist chips or scratches. Ultra fine cold-cut rim for optimum mouthfeel. 100% Lead-free crystal, handmade & dishwasher safe!



$40 Budget - Corkcicle Arctican

Keeps cold cans 3x colder 3x longer (up to 3 hours)! Simply freeze the cooling core base, twist it on, drop in a cold beverage and enjoy! Fits most 12oz aluminum cans and standard bottles (includes sleeve adapter for glass bottles). Double walled stainless steel keeps the cold off your hands.



$50 Budget - Soirée Diamond Shot Glasses

Made of Borosilicate glass, these luxe shot glasses are fashioned to not crack under extreme temperatures changes. And like real diamonds, the faceted design make all spirits look good. Class up your tasting experience by aerating as you pour and swirl inside the glass. Showstoppers at any party. 



$100 Budget - Combo Social Spirit Decanter Set

This exquisite Italian-made whiskey set includes a 345mL decanter and two 370mL glasses that are not only stackable on top of each other but are dishwasher safe. 



SPLURGE! - Coravin Model 5

Experience your wine without ’opening’ your bottle! The Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System keeps your most prized wine fresh for YEARS! Place this system on top of your bottle and push the needle through the cork. Pressing the trigger pressurizes the bottle and release pours it into your glass. Remove the needle and the cork will reseal naturally and continue to protect your wine for weeks, months, or even years. Professional quality, a workhorse prized by top restaurants and wine bars.



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