Refresh Your Barcart!

Springtime is the best time to take a closer look at your barcart and assess your party needs!


Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool Set

Create a perfectly layered cocktail at home! This tool creates a controlled slow pour that prevents liquids of different densities from mixing. The result? Beautiful layers in a rainbow of colours.



Phellem Sphere Carafe and Coaster

Hand crafted from mouthblown lead-free crystal, this carafe can be used to serve anything from fruit infused water to wine or sangria. The elegant 100% Portuguese cork stopper helps seal in freshness while the removable, durable stainless steel lined cork coaster protects against scratches or condensation marks. Multi-use Coaster base can be used to hold wine, Champagne and magnum sized bottles!



Level up with Gérard Bertrand

High quality, approachable wines… once you try them, you might never go back!


Diving into Hampton Water | France

Another case-worthy celebrity wine from world-renowned winemaker Gérard Bertrand and rock royalty Jon Bon Jovi. Filled with rosewater, spice, currant and mineral notes.



Gérard Bertrand Source of Joy Rosé | France | DFW Exclusive

Elegant Rosé with a lovely bright pink colour. The bouquet is fruity, offering complex aromas of strawberry and cherry, with hints of strawberry liquorice. A surprisingly generous, round mouthfeel, balanced by the freshness of acidity.



Gérard Bertrand Orange Gold | France

The nose is complex, with an explosion of white flower, candied fruit and white pepper notes. On the palate, a very flattering aromatic freshness, with precise flavours and a beautiful balance to which the structure gives body and spirit.



Belberry Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Belberry's preserved lemons are refined with rosemary, giving them a wonderfully complex flavour. Muddle a quarter lemon with one teaspoon sugar, add ice and soda… voila! A simple, yet impressive, crowd-pleaser Lemon Soda.



Glow Cocktail Markers

For drinks that party! Personalized bright & coloured LED markers to the rim of your glass. Equipped with 3 modes: flicker, flashing or solid light. Made of BPA-free & certified food-grade plastic and fits most glasses to compliment any cocktail! Handwash only.



Fee Brother's Non-Egg Foam

Fee Foam is used in shaken cocktails to provide an attractive frothed head without the need for egg whites. Just add two drops into your cocktail and shake! Great for Daiquiris, Collins’, fizzes and sours.



Make Mixers Non-Alcoholic

Whether you’re day drinking, looking out for sober buddies or just on the lookout for an alternative, Undone’s low-calorie, vegan, gluten and alcohol-free products help make cocktails taste like the ‘real thing’.



Soiree Diamond Shot Glasses

Made of Borosilicate glass, these luxe shot glasses are fashioned to not crack under extreme temperatures changes. And like real diamonds, the faceted design make all spirits look good.


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