All Day Rosé

Expand your Rosé repertoire this summer! Try a new region (you might be surprised!) or add bubbles, a box or park pocket rockets to the go-to list. 


De Venoge Brut Rosé

FRANCE | DFW Exclusive | Picture perfect pink with bubbles that seduce and tantalize. The nose is fresh and reveals intense notes of red fruits. The well-balanced palate combines freshness, vivacity and roundness with flavour notes of strawberry, raspberry and cherry.



Frescobaldi Alìe Rosé

ITALY |  Alìe (or “Halia”) is a figure from Greek mythology, a sea nymph and a symbol of sensuality and beauty. This Rosé has enchanting aromas of cherry blossom, peaches & nectarines. Drinks silky – yet crisp, with a cheeky acidity. Best shared with pals or chillin’ poolside.



House Wine Rosé Bubbles

CALIFORNIA | This limited edition Rainbow Rosé Bubbles has crisp and elegant aromas of fresh berries that lead to lively citrus flavours on the palate. Bright, fruity, and flavourful. (One 375mL can = 1/2 bottle)



Eastdell Summer Rosé

ONTARIO | 200mL | An easy-drinking Niagara Rosé that enjoys notes of strawberry, cranberry and citrus, complemented by a hint of green apple.



Arrogant Frog Rosé

FRANCE | 3L box | Produced by Jean-Claude Mas (Les Domaines Paul Mas), fourth generation grape grower and leader in French winemaking. A blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah produced on the slopes of the Hérault Valley, this pink cherry colour rose wine has a nose of soft candied fruit notes. It is rich and smooth, with a fruity character and a long finish.



Bandit Dry Rosé

CALIFORNIA | 1L tetra pack | This Syrah-based blend has delicate aromas of white peach and apricot that set the stage for a flavourful palate of strawberries and tart cranberries. Refreshing, medium-bodied and dry, a perfect eco-friendly packaged pink!



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