St. Patrick’s Day Party Picks

Ain’t no party like a St. Patrick’s Day Party! Amp it up with some green wine, beer mustard and more!


Casa De Vila Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde | PORTUGAL | DFW Exclusive

So fresh and light on its feet, this is a supreme example of Vinho Verde. The estate dates back to medieval times but its wines are modern and dazzling crisp. Aromas of lime zest, sliced green apple and floral notes lead to tongue tingling lemon sorbet, green apple and mineral freshness and classic effervescence.

Looking for more Vinho Verde? You’re in luck! Browse our selection here.



Mrs. McGarrigle's British Beer Mustard

Award-winning, handmade products since 1988. Dark British beer and coarse grains give this mustard a distinctly sharp flavour and a deliciously thick consistency! Dubbed the “Ultimate Pretzel Mustard” by some and inspired by flavours from across the pond, British Beer is the perfect companion for sausages and cheese! 



Patio Pint Reusable Beer Glasses

Elevated plastic glassware. Made of BPA-free, crack-proof, Tritan Plastic, the glasses are reusable and recyclable. It features aeration tabs that increase fizziness for enhanced taste and improves frothy head retention. Stackable and dishwasher safe with a large 20oz. capacity to accommodate a full pint and head. Fine rim (yes!) and crystal clear clarity.



Malty and Hoppy Scottish Ale Beer Jelly

Beer you can eat! Old-World Pale Ale reveals undertones of caramel, nuts and anise. Great pairing with goat cheese and Gruyère or a perfect addition to a corned beef sandwich.



Beer Connoisseur Scratch Off Chart & Guide Book

A beautifully designed beer poster that features 42 beer facts with a flavour profile booklet. Scratch off the foil to catalogue beers as you make your way through them. Whether you love light lagers, dark lagers, pale ales, or IPAs, this Beer Connoisseur Poster is perfect for all ale aficionados, or an opportunity to treat yourself to a few brews. (59.4cm x 42cm)



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