Summer Sippin’

Light bubblies, quality small format wine and bottled sunshine for your glass. Flavour up your summer days (and nights).


Perlissimo Peach & Mango

GERMANY | A fresh white wine beverage (5.5% ABV) infused with the taste of sun-ripened peach and fruity, fresh mango. Picnic perfect performer!



Agusti Torello Mata Reserve Rosato Cava

SPAIN | Fine and persistent bubbly that evolves slowly in the glass. Aromas and flavours of strawberry and raspberry with a slight herbal (mint) note. Balanced and rich, with a good structure and a long and elegant finish.



Cantina Vignaioli Scansano Vermentino IGT Toscana

ITALY | DFW Exclusive | 375mL | The bouquet is characterized by floral and fruity notes enriched by charming mineral nuances. On the palate, fresh and mineral, very pleasant to drink and filled with character. Persistent finish, coherent with notes perceived on the nose.



Chiorri Sangiovese

ITALY | DFW Exclusive | Intense ruby red, floral and fruity, with red rose, cherry and violet notes. Fresh and tannic with slight acidity. Perfect date for that sunset patio meal.



Croft Pink & Tonic

PORTUGAL | 250mL | Original, unique and innovative, Croft Pink was the first ever Rosé Port. Flavours of ripe strawberry, raspberry, cherry and citrus mixed with tonic water. (5.5% ABV)



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