The Buzz On Biodynamic Wines

WTF is Biodynamic wine anyway?! It’s kind of like a supercharged version of organic wine.

You know how organic produce is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals? Biodynamic wine takes this idea one step further by following holistic farming practices.

Imagine a farmer who has a whole ecosystem in mind instead of just the vines. Biodynamic winemakers pay attention to the lunar calendar, plant their crops according to its cycles, use natural preparations to nourish the soil including allowing animals like sheep and cows to roam free in the vineyard (helping to fertilize the soil and control pests). Biodynamic farming creates a self-sustaining and harmonious environment where the vines can thrive without any harmful interference.

The result? Delicious, complex and unique wines that really express the terroir and the environment they come from. So, if you want to sip on wine that's not just good for your taste buds, but also for the planet, give biodynamic wine a try!


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