Poseidn 3D Cucumber Gin Tonic Cocktail Mix

Cocktail Bombs are a simple and fun way to elevate your average cocktail or mocktail!

Poseidn Cucumber Gin Tonic Cocktail

Drop these adorable 3D Lotus Flowers into your favourite Gin & Tonic to create a cool and refreshing drink with a cucumber and lime twist that’s worlds apart from the rest. Poseidn Cocktail Mixers come in a variety of flavours. Great for glamping or to keep on hand for any sized barcart.


  1. Add 1 oz. of your favourite Gin (or water for an alcohol-free experience).

  2. Add 1 Poseidn Cucumber Gin Tonic Lotus flower.

  3. Let dissolve. Stir and add ice.

  4. Add 3 oz. of tonic water.

  5. Garnish and enjoy!







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