An alcohol-free wine will never have the same depth, structure, and mouthfeel as a wine with alcohol, but the Leitz brand is a nice example of gentle de-alcoholization that shows how close the gap can be when comparing the two. Cans are are great way to partake at events or get-togethers, while a bottle can add the festive spark to any occasion.


Non-Alcoholic craft beer that meets your expectations on taste and mouthfeel like the real thing. Sober Carpenter is a great way to introduce choices to your hangouts without compromising AND they have a wide range of flavours to choose from including Ciders, IPAs and Sours!


Maybe you are just looking to cut back in your cocktails? One easy way to slice percentages can be through non-alcoholic ingredients like the UNDONE 'Not Vermouth' or the NOA 'Italian Aperitivo' (a non-alcoholic Aperol dupe). Perfect mixers to refresh or fold into your barcart.