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Embrace the spirit of tequila with this handcrafted decanter, blending functionality with a nod to tradition.
  • Unique Design: The inside mimics the Agave plant used to make tequila, adding a touch of authenticity to your pouring experience.

  • All-Natural Cork Stopper: Seal in freshness with a 100% all-natural Portuguese cork stopper.

  • Smooth Pour: The wide spout ensures a smooth and controlled pour every time you indulge.

  • Generous Capacity: Holds up to 850 ml, perfect for accommodating a standard 750 ml (25 oz) bottle of tequila.

  • Agave Plant Insight: Discover the "Uh-Gah-Vee" plant, the heart of tequila, with a brief insight into its origin and significance.

  • Handmade Touch: Each decanter is handmade, adding a personal touch to your tequila rituals.

  • Easy Care: Handwash for optimal care, ensuring the longevity of this artisanal piece.

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